In this episode, the coaches are joined by Pat Toner, Randall Clapper, and Matt LoPiccolo to discuss strategies to be more productive and maintain our mental health.  The discussion ranges from common perceptions in the industry about developer productivity to Gaming.  As usual, there are plenty of humorous antics from Pat to keep the mood light.

Scott Certain, an alumni of The Software Guild, comes back after four months on the job to talk about kicking off your career.  Dave, Victor, and Sarah are joined by show regulars Pat and Matt to discuss with Scott his experiences starting out as a Jr Developer.

This week, Dave, Sarah, Victor and Pat sit down with John Manilla, Matt LoPiccolo, and Prabhjot Grewal to talk about the dreaded interview.  For many this is a scary process, but it shouldn’t be.  Join us as we discuss ways to own your interview and land that first job.