More than Just a Podcast Podcasting may be where we started, but Dev Coaches is much more than just that.  We enjoy getting behind the microphone to share our collective experiences in the software…

Are you interested in becoming a Software Developer but don’t know where to start?  Dave, Sarah, Victor and Matt discuss the mindset needed to be a developer along with some resources to get you started.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Hour of Code –
Pluralsight –
Code School –
Lynda –
Hello World (unfortunately out of print now) –
Manning Publications –
BridgeTroll (RailsBridge and other events) –


Stay tuned after the episode for outtakes from the opening of episode six.

Dave, Pat and Victor are joined by Kieth Manecke, Tommy Adeoye, Elijah King, Sophia Arnold, David Kolesar, Corey Whaley and Topher Benjamin.  These seven apprentices started with The Software Guild in our August 2016 cohort and were kind enough to sit down with us and discuss their experiences on graduation day.

Dave, Sarah, Victor, Pat and Morgan complete the live panel discussion with their apprentices at The Software Guild in Akron.  Listen to episode 10 for the first part.

Our Dev Coaches recently sat down with their apprentices at The Software Guild in Akron, OH to discuss the role of Architects and Architecture in the industry.  This episode contains part one of this discussion.  The panel was made up of Dave Balzer, Sarah Dutkiewicz, Victor Pudelski, Pat Toner and Morgan Willi