What is REST?  What is an API?  When should I use these things?  Dave Balzer and Randall Clapper discuss the REST APIs to help new developers understand their purpose.

This episode is a continuation of the conversation we had in episode 23.  We pick up where Phil grapples with the realization that developing software and creating automation results in loss of jobs.  Join us as we walk through his existential crisis with him.


Appearing in this episode:  Dave Balzer, Pat Toner, Matt LoPiccolo, Randall Clapper and Phil Williams

As the Internet of Things and automation are beginning to take over more things in our lives, have we moved beyond what’s useful or beneficial?  Are we really saving enough time to justify having smart tech in a toaster?  How does it impact the future of our economy and job prospects?  The DevCoaches tackle these issues in this episode.

On today’s program:  Dave Balzer, Pat Toner, Matt LoPiccolo, Randall Clapper and Phil Williams.

With our recent discussions of Cyber Security, the hacking of Equifax and now the announcement of a hack that took place in 2016 of the SEC, the DevCoaches sit down and discuss the personal ramifications of our current data-driven society.


SEC Story:



Equifax Story:



DevCoaches Hosts on this episode:  Dave Balzer, Pat Toner, Matt LoPiccolo, Randall Clapper & Amanda Gragg

Dave Balzer, Pat Toner, Sarah Dutkiewicz, Randall Clapper & Phil Williams talk about the state of current mobile devices and development for these devices.

Mentioned in this episode:


Be warned, most of this episode is absolute nonsense.  We laughed a lot sitting down with our special guests.  We did cover a few actual topics though including:

  • Code.org credited for increase in diversity for college placement in CS programs.
  • NBC launches news snapchat style.
  • New Java tooling from JetBrains
  • Mobile development options

This episode features hosts Dave Balzer, Sarah Dutkiewicz, Pat Toner and Matt LoPiccolo.

Our guests for this episode were Kristen Pietsch, William Lopez, and Ian McPhie.

In this episode, the DevCoaches had the opportunity to host a panel discussion on Cyber Security.  The episode was recorded live at the Software Guild in Akron, Ohio and featured the following speakers:

Melanie McKean of Westfield Insurance

Alicia Alto of ABB

Ariel Cohen of HackerUSA

Eric Ward of The Software Guild

John Schick of CardinalCommerce a Visa Company

Moderated by:
Pat Toner of The Software Guild and The DevCoaches Podcast


The show touched on many issues surrounding cyber security and coincidentally was recorded the day before the news broke of the latest major security breach involving Equifax. The topic could not have been more timely.

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