Thoughts from the coaches


More than Just a Podcast

Podcasting may be where we started, but Dev Coaches is much more than just that.  We enjoy getting behind the microphone to share our collective experiences in the software development industry, explore new technology topics, and  offer insights on soft-skills to help our listeners grow in their careers.  We will continue to record and share our thoughts with you as long as you continue to listen, but we feel there is so much more that we can offer as coaches as well.



31 Days of .Net Core

One of the initiatives we are working on is a new blog post series exploring the newly released .Net Core.  This series will explore the technology from learning to install and configure the framework and tools, uncovering some of the new and changing features, to building useful applications. We will cover the cross-platform capabilities of core and show you how to develop on windows, mac and linux with Core.  This blog series will be titled 31 days of .Net Core.  Look for the first posts to come in the near future.



DevCoaches Workshops

We love being involved in the development community and we love teaching people about technology.  To combine our passions and experience in this area, we have decided to organize a series of workshops to help aspiring software developers and industry veterans alike to come together to learn new things.  Our first workshop we are working on will be called “Core Junction” and will feature a day long class to learn how to build a fully functioning application using .Net Core. No Experience required.  We will post more information about this effort as we progress.

Coaching is about more than just shouting from the sidelines, it’s about helping others master the skills.  That’s what we are all about and that’s why we are looking to expand what we do.  We are excited to start rolling this out in the near future.