Dave Balzer

Dave is a developer, conference speaker, wanna-be author, and Lead Instructor at The Software Guild in Akron, Ohio teaching .Net to eager apprentices.  As an 18+ year veteran of software development, he appreciates clean & efficient code and loves teaching others who share his passions.

Dave began his career as a developer much like the apprentices at the Guild. Having been mentored by a close friend, he took his first Jr Developer position in 1998. He has served in a number of roles throughout his career including Sr. Developer, Architect, Manager, and Mentor. He is passionate about technology, but his favorite role is that of mentor. His experience has given him experience in multiple industries including automotive, health care, insurance, education, retail, manufacturing, and content management systems.

Dave enjoys teaching technology to kids and volunteers for Code.org to go to local classrooms each year. He grew up on a farm and still lives in rural Ohio on 18 acres of wooded land. He has no neighbors, but good internet access! That’s all that matters isn’t it?

Pat Toner

Patrick is a highly motivated, creative, and accomplished Software Developer with over 15 years of professional experience. He has overseen the design and implementation of dozens of high quality applications in both Java and .NET that are used daily by multiple Fortune 500 companies. Patrick most recently served as an Application Architect building world-class business solutions for thousands of automotive dealerships.

Patrick is very patient and has a skill for explaining complex concepts in an easy to understand way.

Matt LoPiccolo

Employer engager, relations manager, apprentice mentor, and career coach – I strive to improve the skills of those around me through my own personal development and never ending quest of learning. In my current position, I strive to develop deeper and more involved relations with employers nationwide for our apprentices. As I develop the skills of others, I know that I am providing them value that will aid them through the rest of their career. Maintaining and ultimately improving our 95% placement rating here is my chief priority. In order to continue to be successful in this and other roles, I leverage my ability to connect with individuals at every level of our business. From apprentices to executives, and everyone in between, mastering those lexicons and creating understanding is the underlying key to moving forward, and continuing my success.

Randall Clapper

Randall began his career as a professional software developer in 2005. During this time he served as a programmer, lead, and mentor. Randall has the ability to create flexible solutions for complex technical problems. Pulling experience ranging from warehouse, eCommerce, healthcare, and payroll software industries.

Randall is passionate about those willing to learn and is always willing to share his knowledge about development practices and processes. With a patient understanding for those grabbing complex practices, breaking them down in a visual or hands-on format. Randall’s easy going attitude and approach allow those he is around to feel relaxed and ready to take on the next challenge!

Victor Pudelski

Software developer with a love in providing mentorship, leadership and collaboration. I strive to continually learn and refine my craft while expanding skill set into new areas. Ability and enthusiasm to dive deep into analysis of algorithms and the mathematics of computer science. Strong desire to someday get lost in the code of an AI project where I can work with great minds making an artificial one come to life.

Previously focused in ECM (specifically the OnBase product suite) and integration development dating back to 1999. As of 2015 I am focused on learning, expanding and sharing my knowledge with up and coming developers. My passion for teaching and technical training has driven me in a new and exciting direction working specifically with those just getting started in the field. Teaching is as much a gift to provide as it is to receive and I am thankful for each day I call this my career…

Also a diehard baseball player and coach… Give me code or give me a baseball diamond!

Michael Vanderpool

Michael is a lifelong learner with a passion for education. As an entrepreneur and consultant with various startups, his motivation for success required being able to constantly learn and adapt, yet all paths led to higher education.

After earning a bachelor’s degree from Oakland University, Michael consulted and worked in industries such as retail and online sales applying his video production, photography, writing, and Web design skills. Never forgetting his goal to be a college instructor, Michael attended Bowling Green State University, where he earned a Master of Education in Learning Design and Technology. As a graduate assistant, he taught video production, as well as visual communication courses at Northwest State Community College.

After graduating, Michael became an instructional designer at The Learning House, Inc., where he assisted with the development of a variety of courses and developed plans for implementing accessibility, open educational resources, learning analytics, and competency-based education.

Recently, Michael accepted a position at The Software Guild, a coding bootcamp that teaches the Java and .NET programming languages. As an instructional coach, he assists instructors with applying learning theory, using technology in the classroom, and creating an exceptional learning experience for guild students.